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Basic (very basic) Bookkeeping Workshop


Learn about very basic useful bookkeeping procedures and tools



What’s the purpose of doing any bookkeeping? If for no other reason, we must have accurate data for our tax returns. Why is this course so basic? Because you don’t have to be an accountant to get appropriate information.


  • Why we must keep records

  • Recordkeeping vs. bookkeeping

  • Information required for tax returns

  • Proving non-taxable income

  • Proving business expense deductions

  • Income for different tax returns

  • Source documents for non-taxable income

  • Source documents for business deductions

  • Benefits of a good bookkeeping system

  • Categories

  • Types of bookkeeping systems

  • Saving your records

  • Some best practices

Where: Online

Format: Zoom meeting

Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours

Fee: See registration form.

Next session: TBD


Click here to pay & request a registration link.

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