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My fee for a for a half-hour phone call or video meeting is $100.00 (plus New Mexico gross receipts tax if you are in New Mexico). The cost of each additional quarter hour $50.00 plus applicable GRT. The fee is payable at the conclusion of our call or meeting. You can make your payment here.

Tax Representation

For an engagement to represent you in an IRS or state tax authority audit or collection matter, I require a deposit of $1,700.00 to be paid at the time our engagement agreement is signed. The deposit will be shown as a credit on your account until the conclusion of the engagement, at which time it will be used to pay my final invoice. I will refund any unused portion. During the course of the engagement, I will bill you for calls, virtual meetings, emails and text messages in 10-minute increments at $200.00 per hour plus applicable GRT. Since your $1,700.00 deposit will be held until the conclusion of the engagement, you agree to promptly pay all interim invoices when you receive them. Failure to honor those terms will be grounds for suspending the engagement.

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